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Mission Statement
The mission of the City of Houma Fire Department is to protect lives and property through the prevention and/or mitigation of fires and other emergencies. This mission will be accomplished through a variety of programs that are hereby established. These programs are established with life safety, property conservation, and cost effectiveness in mind, in that order.

Fire Chief Keith Ward
600 Wood Street
Houma, Louisiana
(985) 873-6391

Do you know what to do when an emergency vehicle is approaching?
If you are approaching an intersection and hear sirens, stop before the intersection and look in all directions to locate the emergency vehicle. Never block the intersection. If the emergency vehicle is coming from your front or sides, just remain stopped until it passes you completely. If you hear sirens but don't see the emergency vehicle, slow down and check your mirrors to see if it's approaching from behind you. If so, don't panic just follow these steps.
  • Move to the edge of the road that is closest to you with your blinker on to indicate that you are headed in that direction.
  • Continue to move carefully in the direction you've chosen until you are out of the way and then stop.
  • Don't pull back onto the road until the emergency vehicle has completely passed.
Never attempt to follow an emergency vehicle after it has passed in order to beat the traffic. It is illegal and it is also dangerous, because emergency vehicles often make sudden stops and turns.